Who are we ?

We are a group of people convinced that discussions between scientists, industry and authorities are essential on a worldwide basis so that needs and constraints from the ones and the others are well understood and that the most appropriate products are selected for market introduction under the following constraints:

- With respect to society, transportation systems should meet basic human needs for health.  
- With respect to the economy, transportation systems should provide cost-effective technologies. It should also support sustainable economic activity.  
- With respect to the environment, transportation should make use of land in a way that has little or no impact on the integrity of ecosystems. It should use energy sources that are essentially renewable and produce no more emissions than can be accommodated by the planet's restorative ability.

Besides the increasing problem of emissions, we will also tackle the issue of oil dependency that, in today's particular geopolitical context, induces a serious challenge since the transport sector, vital as it is for our economy, is almost totally depending on fossil fuels and that responses have to be found for the short and medium term as soon as possible.

Please join forces with us and be part:

- in the networking among scientists, engineers and authority representatives  
- of the top representatives from the vehicle manufacturers, the technical partners, the energy suppliers and the research institutes with political and economic decision makers  
- of the discussions to find synergies and solutions to:  
             - reduce CO 2 as well as other noxious emissions, energy consumption per vehicle, emissions of local pollutants  
             - lower noise pollution  
             - ensure energy supply security for road transport  
             - achieve a better correlation between vehicle design and ultimate use.